Just wanted to give thanks to a transportation company in the Southbay California area that helped transport some precious dolls.   They usually don’t do that but I have connections! A friend of a friend got my in contact and they did a really good job.   They were doing a job in the area of where I needed to have them shipped, so they went ahead and helped me out with that.   Here is there info if you ever need transportation help in Northern California. is there main website.

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Thanks Corinthian!

Were Back

A little time off and other things and projects going, I always wanted to revive this into more of a Arts and Crafts blog overall.   Let me know if you have anything you want us to write about and we should be giving you some good information and interesting things.

Thank You!

So in Style Pastry – Grace & Chandra Photos!

Yay! Thanks to a certain very awesome person – my Pastry girls are here!

Photos of Kara & Trichelle to be added tomorrow ;)

Other updates on the life of me…
- I’m still unemployed… but I’m enjoying this longer-than-usual holiday!
- just took all four of my wisdom teeth out this Monday – yay soup dinners… and brekkie and lunch…
- it is hot… at least we do not have floods here like the other poor unfortunate areas in Australia
- bunnies are shedding fur like no tomorrow but don’t worry, no fur in the doll room!
- learning to ride a bicycle… yep, you heard me… almost 30 years old and can’t ride a bike! (yet)

Integrity 2010 Lines – Monograms

So here are the 2010 Integrity Toy Doll lines on this blog finally… or at least the beginnings of it.

I shall start with the Monograms, mostly because in terms of dolls of color there’s pretty much nothing to say about them so it’s an easy (but not so nice) start for the review of the 2010 lines here.

2010 Monograms

2010 Monograms*

So here we have the Monograms, a doll series that seems to share just one face sculpt for now. From left to right you have -

  • Brilliance – blue eyed, soft tanned skin brunette (wigged) doll, I suppose she could be partially African or South American… but she looks more Italian than anything else to me!
  • Disclosure – brown eyed, pale skinned raven haired doll = no comment here
  • Dreamscape – blue eyed, pale skinned raven hair doll = no comment here
  • Enigmatic – green eyed, pale skinned redhead (wigged) = no comment here
  • Incandescent – grey eyed, pale skinned brunette = no comment here
  • Magnetism (Aussie Convention Doll released just yesterday) – green eyed, pale skinned redhead = no comment here

So… if your idea of diversity is an increase in redheads, then you’ve got it! Or… you could go for the Italian

Personal boo boo – have ordered Enigmatic because… ? Would have loved to get Brilliance but she was accidently released to dealers before she was to be revealed and now she’s sold out and I didn’t look into her because I was trying to avoid the Monograms!

Other (mostly likely better and more informative) reviews of the 2010 Monogram dolls -

  • 2010 Integrity Toys Debut Line of Dolls @ Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold 100307
  • FR Monogram 2010 @ Shuga Shug’s Blog 100307
  • Integrity Toys 2010: The Monogram Collection @ The Fashion Doll Chronicles 100309

Good news is, there are some more (but not enough as usual) dolls of color in the other Integrity lines… stay tuned!

RIP Neef ~ 22 September 2007 – 20 February 2010

Neef had been on the medications Protexin, Bactrim, Flagyl, Baytril and Panacur for most of the past 2 weeks.

I had also been taking him to work to feed him during the day.

He used to weigh 1.8kg… but he rapidly dropped down to little more than 1kg in the past few weeks. It was so scary

On the last days, it was difficult to get him to swallow any food or liquids. You could feel his bones and his fur was falling off. He fought on so hard but his body was giving up and it was horrible to see him in such pain.

He surprised everyone for even making it this far when the vets thought he would go mid-last week.

We made the decision to put him to sleep today rather than wait and let him suffer for what little time he might have had left.

We miss him so much

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Passion.Fruit – Art by Brianna McCarthy

I’ve been meaning to do a post about Brianna McCarthy’s artwork for um… *cough* a while now.

Brianna McCarthy is an artist based in Trinidad and Tobago who uses the mediums of inks and water colours in her art as well as some graphite work. Recently she has picked up an interest in scrap booking…

She uses strong bright colours in her colour work… like oranges,vibrant bluespinks and golds, amongst many other colours… the colours are a juicy delicious (and healthy) feast for the eyes.

The graphite image is my favourites – kind of funny because I love Brianna’s art due to her bright colours but my favourite one is in greyscale.

I could totally see these illustrations in 3D form as sculptures… hmmm

SiS Dolls in Asia, Australia or Europe?

So we all know that the So in Style dolls are being sold in the USA at Toys’r’us, Target and Walmart stores now… but how about outside the USA?

Asia = ??? does anyone know?

Australia = good news – Mattel Australia are quick with their responses! bad news – I quote “we have not immediate plans to range these Dolls in Australia. You could try the Ebay Website.”
EvilBAY??? – are you kidding? do you know how EXPENSIVE African American (and generally most other non-European) dolls go for *there*?

Europe = ??? the UK email contact function is down so I can’t enquire and um, I the only European language I can understand is English -_-’
So does anyone else know if the SiS dolls will be sold in Europe?

South America? Africa? Anywhere else? Antarctica?

Firstly, people of African descent don’t just live in the USA.

Secondly, people of African descent aren’t the only ones with “African-ish features” and dark skin. People of Indian/Desi, Melanesian, Polynesian, Australian Aboriginal and some South East Asians also have dark skin and some similar physical features. It would be great to see a better range of more diverse dolls to choose from, to show our kids who are of non-European ancestry that they are also being represented in popular culture and I’m getting impatient waiting around…

And you’d think that if individuals and small companies can utilise international postage, a large company such as Mattel should be able to do so too.

Goodbye Blogspot!

I can finally say goodbye to blogspot as a temporary blog for Dolls of Color Now all I need to do is everything else… say how about a homepage? *looks away* Hell, I still haven’t figured out a colour scheme for this website that I’m satisfied with yet… stay tuned my extremely patient friends…BTW dollsofcolor @ blogspot will still loiter in cyberspace forever over there… mostly because it can.

Disney’s First Black Princess

Disney has finally gotten around to creating a Black Princess.


She will be Princess Tiana in 2009′s The Princess and the Frog.

Official Disney website for the movie here. She definitely looks like a Disney princess, check out the facial expression below!

Until I get around to writing a decent article, this will be a collection of links found while searching for piccies to look at…