Those mesmerizing eyes; the flawless complexion; the perfect shape of face and lips; and that amazing acting prowess define who Charlize Theron is. Hailing from South Africa, she has taken up so many roles, from serious to funny.

 She enjoyed being the evil, demented evil stepmother in Snow White and the Huntsman. Personally, that was the highlight of the movie. Sorry, girls, even Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Bella (Kirsten Bell) don’t count much in that. Thor was a passable actor perhaps, but Bella? No way.

Then there is a hilarious role she took in Hancock. The main character is played by Will Smith, a superhero who turned into a homeless person with little to no charisma. He helps people through superpowers but his methods were more destructive than helpful. He finds me in Theron’s household, who revealed to him that they were actually from one planet and that they were once lovers. Yet, Theron’s character got tired of this pairing and proceeded to hide her own superpowers to live as an ordinary human being married to an ordinary man. When Will Smith popped up, she was forced to break this facade and fight him. This was one of her less significant movie roles, but she did it all with flying colors.

In fact, Ms. Theron started out this way making small movies, gaining momentum until she reached the limelight. She took roles which made her an It girl for some time until she landed the famous Monster role. Up to now, she has garnered a lot of awards. She was awarded an Academy Award, Silver Bear, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards among others.

Her most famous role was to play the serial killer in MONSTER. All her efforts and endurance to suffer under long hours of heavy make-up to capture the aura of the said killer were richly rewarded with critical acclaim. I was concerned for her when she played that role, to be honest. Not many can maintain that destructive composure and not buckle under the weight. Take Heath Ledger, for example. His overdose which lead to his unfortunate death was associated with the emotional pressure from internalizing the twisted personality of the Joker. Mr. Ledger was indeed scary onscreen at that time. Ms. Theron was equally scary in Monster. 

Perhaps her history can explain her endurance and effective portrayal. She did not have a happy childhood. Her father was an alcoholic. One day, he threatened to kill her and her mother, but was shot dead by her mother in self-defense. Fitting in was difficult for her afterwards that she had to transfer from one school to another.

At first, she started with a couple of other occupations. She took up serious ballet dancing and worked as a model for a period of time. After a knee injury prevented her from continuing the dancing career, her mother convinced her to try acting. The rest is history.  

In addition to her acting, she is an activist for human and animal rights, a mother of two adopted children and through her own nonprofit organization, helped the improvised African people.

I can see my life through her story. I really look up to her as a woman of strong principles. I can learn from her and say there will be a silver lining against all of these problems I am facing.