I am mildly apologetic for the previous blog post I wrote earlier. Sometimes my sister and my father’s death is a sensitive topic for me. To an extent, it was torture typing up what I felt yesterday. My sister probably won’t like it when she sees me like this. She would have probably said, “Stop moping around, stupid!” She would rattle on about David when he defeated the giant Goliath. With a swoosh, for she always did like to make sound effects, she would pretend to draw up a slingshot and hit the bull’s eye.

 And we would both laugh. One day, she actually found a movie that featured David and all his glory. It was all in black and white, with no sounds at all. The actor who played him did not do justice on his looks (wasn’t it said that David was one handsome guy?) but to his credit, his acting was spot on.

David, the humble shepherd, drew up his full stature, against the backdrop of cowering Israelite soldiers and to his front, the arrogant Philistines.

The whole film was on black and white, remember but one could feel the suspense and the fear. But, this David was one big figure though, as small as he was displayed on film. His light shone that day, like a city on a hill, or a lamp on a cold, dark, dreary night.

He said (in subtitles) “You come with swords but I have come to fight for the Israelites, God’s chosen people. And He is with me.”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, my sister made the sound effects as the stone whirled in the slingshot.

Then bang! The stone hit the giant’s forehead. With a huge crash, he fell. David shouted and charged on. Spurred on by his charge, all the Israelite forces advanced, shouting all the way, “For God and the king!”

The enemies run for their lives. Some stumbled in the chase, and every one last soldier fell under the sword of God’s human army.

What courage did one small boy change the course of history!

And what humility did he credited the victory to God!