This one is for my father, who loved (or loves) movies love football, more than even the businesses he created. You can see some of his work here: www.pristinepoolclean.com/services.html. He was never afraid to use elbow grease to make something spotless. Chop wood and carry water, right?

The movie is about a coach who has fallen into hard times. His high school team is faring poorly both in and out of the field. Parents are planning to put him out of commission because the team quite, to put it mildly, sucked. A decade or so has passed by but the team hasn’t won any game at all. His married life is also overshadowed by the lack of children. The final nail to the coffin was the visit to the doctor who told him some bad news: no chance of conceiving children at all.

 What’s a coach to do?

The next best thing: on his knees and pray. Yes, pray. You read that right. When everything is falling apart and he didn’t know what to do, pray.

Many would protest at the mention of such an old-fashioned, religious discipline. But this movie is telling you, pray. It connects one to a Being who is higher than us. It is an act of surrender that not everything is within our control.  

The movie takes protagonist into a series of trials. Prayer is only the beginning. The surrender and the yielding to a Rock that is higher than you and me is only the first step. The coach recognized the need to act on his faith and belief. So, he restructured his life, placed his priorities in the order that he understands from the Bible. He trains his motley team of young men, got them started on some death marches (a player crawling on hands and feet, with a mate on the back, all these done blindfolded and without bending the knees), and gave them a pep talk about dreaming and living for God.

For his non supporting teachers, he stood up and asked for another chance.

It’s only natural though, that all this pressure can crush a man so easily. Not a few tears were shed with the issue of difficulty having children. What he and his wife can do at the moment was to cry and pray together. Being and feeling alone is a heavy burden to bear. So when most needed, friends came along to help, it came like a breath of fresh air.

Why this movie, you reader ask. Why this religious hocus pocus? It is because this is where I found my peace. God gave me a peace of mind that I’ve tried to look for, for most of my life. When my sister and father died, it was as though my world fell apart. I was helping out with the family business and I had the perfect relationship with my boyfriend. But there was this huge hole that I cannot patch up. I filled it with work, friends and dreams. It kept on getting bigger and bigger every year. So I distracted myself with hanging out with the wrong crowd, porn and endless ideas of what a perfect boyfriend should be. 

It came to a point when my life was outwardly the best there is, but I was dying inside. The joy isn’t there. I couldn’t control myself with looking for perfection in others but couldn’t see what was really missing in me. I cowered against the Giants in my life: bad friends, porn and the insatiable desire for perfection.

I watched this movie one night and I remembered how my father used to watch this so many times.

At the end of the credits, I surrendered my life to Jesus. What a release it was and still is. I felt free, freer than I have ever before. I was free to be myself and free to improve, free to love and free from the Giants.

It’s been almost two years now. There are ups and downs, but to His credit, I have never watched porn again. I wasn’t compelled to go to the wrong crowd. Most of all, the need to be in control was replaced by the overwhelming feeling of being forgiven of all I’ve ever done.

 The movie has a good ending. My life hasn’t ended yet, but I intend to do with every breath, to walk aligned to Jesus’ walk. In Him, I see my sorrows and anxieties disappear. And I don’t ever want to miss a single moment.